Kisumu Heart Run

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Heart Run | 0 comments

We started at Parliament buildings.
1. Seat of national representation…
2. Seat of law making…
3. Table around which resources are shared…
We set ourselves to go through several counties symbolic of devolution of power, resources and services.
We believe the seed is planted in the hearts and minds of those following us. That though change can be facilitated by government, we individuals can take the necessary transformative steps to get things moving in the direction we want.
Like the four lepers in the Bible, we need to reach the etc point and start to move towards our desired targets.
God sees the faith in our actions, multiplies their power and import and then orchestrates the universe to align itself to our hopes and aspirations.
We believe going forward, more will be done to distribute resources and services from Nairobi the counties rather than to collect and take to Nairobi.
Continued centralization of power, resources and services is unconstitutional and unfair to millions of Kenyans.
Join us as we run to you in the counties, with a message of great hope for a brighter, healthier future.


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