Heart Disease

Heart disease can start in the woumb or congenital or can be acquired in childhood or later in life. Rheumatic heart disease is the commonest aquired childhool heart disease starting between 5 years and 15 years. It is a complicationof untreated sore throught. Children with congenital heart disease may grow through childhool into adulthool and therefore congenital problem can be detected much later in life. In adulthool heart disease maybe those that started from childhood or completely new.

Common causes include

Symptoms include

It is important to have early diagnosis before the heart is completely destroyed
Two common ways to look at the heart is the use of ECG or an echo.
Modern-day heart disease is often due to narrowing of vessels because of deposition of cholesterol, this disease is called ischemic heart disease, it ranges from left side chest pain to a heart attack. Anyone over the age of 40 years with chest pain and other symptoms above must ensure they are fully evaluated. Patients on chemotherapy need to be followed closely, patients who have had deep venous thrombosis also need to be followed closely, they could develop complications of the heart. visit kisumu heart centre or schedule an online appointment for any relevant need.